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Open Space & Recreation


Open Space & Recreation


HGA has experience preparing successful Municipal and County Open Space and Recreation Plans. These plans include an inventory of existing conditions, public outreach through surveys, information sessions, and coordination with recreation programs to identify community desires and needs. A needs analysis is conducted employing best practice methodologies and GIS-based mapping to establish goals and objectives. This analysis identifies parcels appropriate for conservation and opportunities to create greenways that link existing open space in order to enhance is ecological and recreational value. 

In order for Open Space and Recreation Plans to be practical and useful to the community, it is imperative that they include an implementation plan that identifies funding and partnership opportunities. The ultimate result is a comprehensive planning document that guides a community's investment in open space and recreation in order to maximize ecological protection efforts, enhance resiliency in the face of natural disasters, and promote the development of parks and recreation facilities. 


Examples of our work:

Atlantic County

Toms River