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Watson Crampton Neighborhood Plan



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HGA worked with the Township of Woodbridge to prepare a plan for the Watson Crampton neighborhood under the Post Sandy Planning Assistance Grant Program. Like many municipalities throughout New Jersey, Woodbridge experienced severe flooding and property damage during Hurricane Sandy. The Watson Crampton Neighborhood Plan identified issues and opportunities within the neighborhood as well as recommended resiliency strategies for the community. The Township also participated in the NJDEP Blue Acres Program and many of the eligible properties within the neighborhood took advantage of the program, leaving large amounts of publicly owned open space. One of the Plan’s recommended resiliency strategies was to establish an open space/conservation area within the neighborhood in order to minimize future flooding, reinforce lasting environmental protection, and support the residential core of the neighborhood.

A concept plan was developed that addressed several open space and passive recreation strategies for the conservation area. These strategies included:

  • The implementation of nature trails
  • Restored meadows and wooded areas to aid in mitigating the impacts of future floods
  • An expansion to an existing neighborhood park

In order to implement the proposed open space/conservation area and recommendations laid out in the concept plan, the Neighborhood Plan includes zoning and design standards as well as a time frame projection of proposed actions and projects. The Plan, along with two other neighborhood plans, was adopted by the Township in August 2015.