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Allenhurst Residential Zoning Study

Residential Zoning Study

Borough of Allenhurst

HGA was retained by the Borough of Allenhurst to conduct a Residential Zoning Study. Allenhurst is a small shore community located in Monmouth County between Deal Borough, Loch Arbour Village, and Ocean Township. The majority of the Borough consists of single-family houses located within two residential zones. Due to the age of the housing stock, the residential neighborhood maintains a well-established character. The majority of the Borough’s housing stock were built prior to 1905, and most of the remaining homes were built prior to 1941.

The Borough was concerned that new construction and incompatible additions may negatively alter the well-established character of the Borough, particular due to the provisions of the existing zoning ordinance.

The Report analyzes on the Borough’s existing land use and existing zoning regulations as a means to assesses the residential character of the Borough.

HGA provided the Borough with recommendations that would help reduce the possibility of incompatible infill residential development. These recommendations included using floor area ratio to regulate intensity and editing the Borough’s existing bulk standards (including building coverage, building height, side yards, rear yards, and front yards). Development of standards for driveways, curb cuts, front yard coverage, street trees and garage doors were also recommended for single-family front yards.