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Fair Haven Residential Zoning Study

Residential Zoning Study

Borough of Fair Haven

    HGA was retained by the Borough of Fair Haven to conduct a preliminary analysis of the Borough's single-family residential zone districts to better direct development in the wake of Superstorm Sandy. The Study attempted to understand whether the Borough's zoning ordinances reflects the existing spatial layout and development patterns of Fair Haven. The Study proposed strategies designed to assure context sensitive designs. The approach catered to bettering the neighborhood compatibility of new homes and additions. The following are initial recommendations set forth in the Study:

    • Limit the appearance by massive homes by setting a maximum principal building coverage.
    • Exclude porches and decks from a maximum building coverage cap to encourage architecturally interesting development. 
    • Limit the height of floors to be above ground, encouraging more flood-resistant development.
    • Expand regulations on cellars and attics to allow for habitable spaces within areas higher from grade level.