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HGA specializes in urban design and place making - promoting aesthetically pleasing design that encourages activity and creates a unique character while acknowledging culture, history, and broader geographic context and trends. HGA draws from over 30 years of experience and innovation to develop high quality designs in collaboration with stakeholders and decision makers.

The goals of post-industrial land use planning and design are diverging from the traditions of Euclidean Zoning, with its staunch focus on the separation of uses. To that end, HGA implements Form Based Codes in urban design projects. Form Based Codes re-frame the organizing principle of municipal codes from divided land uses to a focus on the physical form of development. These code regulate the functional and aesthetic qualities of buildings and public spaces in order to encourage a dynamic mix of uses and activities within the envisioned physical form. Form Based Codes guide development to more predictable physical outcomes and provide more flexible and dynamic mixing of uses compared to conventional zoning codes and design standards.

The firm's innovative design portfolio includes plans for neighborhoods, town centers, transit oriented development, waterfront projects, and traditional site plans and subdivisions in a range of communities throughout New Jersey.


Examples of our work: 


Rochelle Park

New Providence